Application Instructions

1. Clean the surface you wish to apply the vinyl to, to remove any dust or dirt. This will allow the vinyl to stick better to the surface.

2. Measure and mark as a guide to ensure your vinyl goes on straight.

3. Anchor the top of the vinyl with tape in multiple positions.

4. Rub saying with the card provided. Flip layer up and remove the bottom layer. Start at the top and smooth down. (If your phrase is long, you might want to cut it into smaller pieces after you have attached it with tape.)

5. Rub vinyl again with card and begin to remove adhesive cover. Remove slowly and carefully so the vinyl does not get torn or stretched.

6. Congratulations! You just applied your vinyl.

PLEASE NOTE: Applying vinyl to surfaces with a matte finish requires extra care and attention to ensure the vinyl adheres to the surface during transfer tape removal.